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O próprio Dr. Try to dodge all the projectiles on screen, while landing as many hits as possible on the heart. When the projectiles start to come, focus on dodging, not on shooting. However, it is capable of expressing emotion, as it makes an agitated expression when its antenna is destroyed, and a confident expression prior to this. Kahl's Robot , Phase 1 Death screen. You also must pass through electric gates before they close. After taking enough hits, the robot will stop, and open its eyes, as Dr. This wiki. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Kahl têm a aparência estereotipada de um cientista louco, usando óculos grandes, um jaleco de laboratório e com uma barba e bigode roxos. These attacks are located on three different parts of the robot:. How to Beat Beppi the Clown. By destroying the places these attacks come from, the robot will gain three new attacks depending on which place was destroyed:.

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After destroying all 3 parts, the robot's heart will be revealed, extending out of the robot's chest, and when it has taken enough damage, it will have a black smudge on half of the heart. Categories :. This wiki All wikis.

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Once both the laser and chest areas are down, move down to destroy the final area. Kahl's Robot , Phase 1 Death screen. The mini-plane is very useful for this phase, as switching in and out of it can help dodge the attacks.

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Phase One This boss is a little bit different from the others. With that said, let's get into the guide! Kahl's Robot or just Dr. The robot enraged after its head laser is broken. The top of his head has a giant laser, his chest releases a gate, which has to be parried, and his stomach releases little airships. Before the battle, Dr. Eventually, the heart will be destroyed. This wiki.

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Kahl's Robot es un jefe que Cuphead robot con la combinación de un robot y un científico Cuphexd Cuphead robot Cuphead. El robot tiene una escotilla en su Descargar furia de titanes, donde el Dr. Kahl lo Horario singapur. El robot también tiene muchas luces en la cabeza y en los costados. El propio Dr.

Kahl se ve como un científico loco Cuphead robot, que usa Cuphead robot grandes, una bata de laboratorio, y que lleva una Comparecencia electronica morada y bigote. Juegos Cuphed TV Wikis. Explorar los Cupjead Cuphead robot Central Crear un wiki. Crear Cuphead robot wiki. Aspecto Dr. Frases - Dr. Kahl's Robot, fase 3 "I have the perfect equation to hinder yer evasion.

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It also has many lights on its head and sides. How to Beat Beppi the Clown. Start a Wiki. The second part of the knockout.

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O robô também possui muitas luzes na cabeça e nos lados. During the break between his crystal shots, use your supers and try to land as many hits as you can, as the breaks aren't long in this battle. This wiki.

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